Can Custom-Made Furniture Work In A Small Flat? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Furnish Your Interior!

Living in a large city has many advantages, both shops and public transport are close by and easily accessible. However, the choice of city living is often associated with limited space and living in a block of flats. In today's article, we will reveal a few tricks that will make furnishing a small space much easier. Such as, what is the best furniture for a small room in a block of flats? And, is the kitchen furniture for a small space suitable? Read on to discover the answers.

What furniture is suitable for a small room when you live in a block of flats?

Properly selected furniture for a small living room can optically enlarge the space. Knowing a few basic rules will allow you to efficiently furnish your interior and make the most of your available space. In small flats, there is a temptation to fill the space completely. However, this can lead to a pitfall, because the cluttered result will make the interior appear even smaller. A much better approach is to use cleverly-designed furniture which has additional storage space. This will stop the room from looking cluttered. The choice of colours also plays an important role in making the room appear more spacious. Light-coloured furniture should be used for narrow rooms. Shades of white, beige and grey will help to expand the room visually. If you want additional colours, pastels are a good choice. Saturated, brighter colours can be incorporated into the accessories that you choose.

What is the best kitchen furniture for a small kitchen in a block of flats?

What type of kitchen furniture should you choose for a small kitchen in a block of flats? ( In smaller flats, the kitchen is usually combined with the living room, because of this it is important to maintain a matching aesthetic for both rooms. Both walls and floors as well as the furniture should be kept in similar colour tones. This will make the interior feel more spacious. It is extremely important to avoid clutter, as this will significantly reduce the space in the area both visually and physically. Customised kitchen furniture, which can be fully customised to meet the needs of you and your family, is the perfect solution for this situation. Do you need a special cupboard for breakfast cereals, or perhaps you desire a shelf designed for pans? With custom-made furniture, this is no problem! The cabinets chosen for the kitchen should be lightly coloured as this will make the space look bigger. Cabinets with a lacquered finish are particularly recommended. Glossy fronts reflect light and optically enlarge the space. If you opt for two-row cabinetry, it is advisable that the upper cabinets do not take up the entire wall. A variety of cabinets adds lightness and depth to the room. The upper cabinets can be replaced by shelves, for example. Furniture for a small kitchen needs to be ingenious. It is difficult to arrange a larder in a small interior, but a cargo cabinet can serve its function. On the other hand, if you are short of space for preparing meals, you can obtain additional countertops by adapting the windowsill. Another option is to install pull-out worktops. Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen can be exciting and stunning as well as fully functional! With these simple tips, you can achieve an attractive and functional space.