Do You Want A Bathroom In Striking Colours? We Can Show You How!

Do you think a colourful bathroom can only be successful in a large bathroom? Nothing could be further from the truth. Trendy colours in the bathroom can become an integral part of even the smallest bathroom. However, if space is limited, it is important to keep things in proportion. Strong colours work well as a complement to a neutral base. Grey tiles, for example, are a great background for black or gold fittings, while yellow accessories look great against a white background. Read on to find out which trending colours in the bathroom are dominating this year and which bathroom furniture is the most popular choice.

Trendy colours in the bathroom

This year, one of the most fashionable colours is black. Although it may seem quite bold at first, it adds elegance to the room and looks great with industrial settings. However, it is important to remember that dark colours work best in spacious interiors. In a small bathroom, they work well in the form of details or accessories. A useful trick is to incorporate shiny elements that make the bathroom seem much more spacious. Mirrors as well as tiles or glossy bathroom cabinets will make a small bathroom seem much larger.

Black is actually a very versatile colour that blends perfectly well with all other colours. If you're going for a glamorous décor, you can combine black bathroom furniture with white tiles and gold fittings. Or if you prefer a more retro style, when you decorate you can combine black with white.

Blue is the second colour in trend. Among the colourful bathrooms, blue bathrooms are exceedingly popular and striking. All shades of blue remain fully in trend and are high in popularity. Both pastel blue and striking navy blue are commonly used. The colour blue is associated with water, which is why it is often combined with nautical style. Subtle shades of beige and brown help to create a real seaside atmosphere.

The third trending colour is green, which works well in a variety of styles. Bottle green is the colour to choose if you want to incorporate glamour and urban jungle décor into your bathroom. Whereas pistachio-coloured bathroom furniture ( compliments both Provencal and Scandinavian styles.

Which made-to-measure bathroom furniture should you choose?

Made-to-measure bathroom furniture combines two very important elements. First of all, it makes it possible for even a small and unaligned interior to impress with its functionality and beautiful appearance. In addition, made-to-measure bathroom cabinets can be fully customised to satisfy all of your needs. It can be difficult to find pieces among ready-made furniture that meet all your requirements. By purchasing custom-made furniture you can create your dream bathroom cabinets. You can decide on their dimensions, the layout of drawers and shelves, as well as their appearance. Have you bought a sink before that doesn't match the bathroom furniture? Or perhaps you found that the bathroom cabinet doesn't fit in the space that you have. Now with custom-made furniture, these are problems of the past.