Delivery process

All our orders are sent on pallets with a size of 1200x800 or 2400x800 cm, The size of a package depends on the dimension of the largest element. The maximum length of elements to be delivered is 2 400 cm.

The pallet shipment includes a bulk package of all ordered elements, which is aimed to eliminate damage to which our products may be exposed during transport. The boards are arranged on a pallet in such a way so that they take up the least space possible.

Each order is secured with cardboard layer pads, and the corners are additionally covered by cardboard corner edge protectors. What is more, the package is secured with straps thanks to which the products do not move during transport and are not subject to even the slightest damage. All orders are wrapped in a stretch film, and small pallets are additionally packed in cardboard to ensure maximum safety.

The packages reach their destination via DB Schenker courier service using trucks with a tail lift. With a view to ensuring convenience and professional service, couriers are obliged to take the pallet out, and deliver it to the indicated spot. The only thing they do not need to do is the service of carrying packages up the stairs.

Each order we fulfil is an expression of our professional approach and commitment to our work, as we create new individual interior designs each day.