What company do you use for boards and countertops?

For furniture production we use Egger boards and countertops.

How thick are the boards?

All the boards we use are 18 mm thick, acrylic boards are 19.5 mm thick, the bottom and backs of drawers are 16 mm thick and the MDF is 18 mm thick

What is the difference between eccentricities and confirmates?

Eccentricities are connections invisible from the side of the cabinet, but you can see the so-called drums in wreaths. The confirmates are visible on the side of the cabinet, but not visible in the wreaths.

What veneer are the units finished with?

All boards are finished with ABS 1mm in PU technology, i.e. the adhesive weld is completely waterproof. Acrylic and varnished fronts are glued in the same technology, and the edges used are in the same colour as the front in gloss or matt, which gives us an invisible weld.

What's the thickness of the Veneer?

The veneer is 1 mm thick.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a form of varnish in gloss or matt, i.e. a 1.5mm layer glued to the mdf board. It is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage. The acrylic used by us after breaking the protective film does not have to cure under the influence of UV rays as it is in the case of cheaper counterparts. However, the other side of the front is always in white, because it is a 1mm layer of PVC, which in combination with our finishing in PU technology gives a completely waterproof adhesive grout (Tested in the Aquarium for a week)

What is a MDF varnishing board?

It is an mdf board laminated on both sides with a thickness of 18 mm designed for varnishing in any colour. In the mdf board we can perform all kinds of milling, whether for English fronts or a system without a handle. The mdf we use is adapted for deep milling.

Why don’t we paint the fronts?

We do not have our own paint shop and so we would have to use external services, and then we would not be able to maintain quality and timeliness. So, we recommend using local paint shops.

What is the standard furniture height?

The standard height of furniture is 860 mm, while the standard American height is 920 mm

What is the waiting period for an item to be delivered?

The deadline for delivery is 14 working days.

How are products delivered?

Delivery takes place through a single or double pallet delivery van. The delivery companies use vans with electrical ramps and can only deliver a palette where it can be reached. The delivery company is not obliged to bring in the goods.

What's a tip-on system?

The Tip-on system is a non-gripping opening of the fronts of the drawers and cabinets. Instead of handles, or having to pull them open, you press and they open.

What are the types of drawers you sell?

Blum Tandembox Antaro (Silent Closure), Blum Metabox (No silent closure), Blum Tip-on Blumotion Antaro (System Press and Open) and Amix System Box (Budget version of Blum with silent closing,)

How do you ensure that your products are durable?

All the materials we use are from renowned companies such as Blum, Hafele, Amix and Hettich.

How will my order be packed?

Your order will be packed on a pallet, so that it takes up as little space as possible. All products are layered with cardboard spacers and properly secured so that they are not damaged during transport. Then the pallet is wrapped in black wrapping. Products that do not exceed 1.2 m are packed on a single pallet and are additionally secured with cardboard around the pallet. Photos of packed orders can be seen in the delivery section.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

After production of the order, which is about 14 working days, delivery usually takes 4-6 weeks.

How to install the distance to a straight corner cabinet?

The spacer strip for the straight corner cabinet is a piece that is mounted only after the kitchen is set up. We do not drill holes in it that are needed for assembly, because only after setting up the cabinets are we able to determine its position.

Are there perforations on the sides?

Perforation runs through the entire length of the side of the cabinet.

Are there adjustable shelves?

The shelves can be adjusted because the cabinets have perforations along the entire length of
the side.

Why can't I make bigger or smaller dimensions?

The dimensions of the cabinets are selected so that there are no problems with installation, e.g. if the depth of the cabinet is too small, it will not fit the Aventos actuator, too large a depth will not withstand the hangers, too large fronts can not adjust the gaps, etc. We can change the dimensions in some cases, but this is an option that must be agreed before hand, by email.

Can the height of the legs be adjusted ?

The legs are adjustable in the range of +/- 20 mm

What are the pendants and how much can they be adjusted by?

We use Blum's pendants. Adjustment range +/- 5 mm. A hinge mounting strip in sections is attached - to each cabinet 2 pcs

How to order plinths?

We put all the cabinets together, we measure their total length, to find out which length of pendants. When the sides of the cabinets are lowered, you need to subtract the thickness of the board, i.e. 18mm, and when there is a corner cabinet, you need to add to the length of the plinth 20 mm ( See the figure in the assembly instructions)

How do I order the handles?

Each handle has its position every 32 mm. This involves drilling a distance of 32mm, 64mm, 96 mm and so on. Check which drilling spacing has been ordered and select handles with the same spacing from this.

How to assemble the furniture?

The furniture assembly is a straightforward process. If you have any problems with assembly, please visit our information section where PDF instructions and instructional videos are located.

Where can I find the assembly instruction manual?

Visit the instructions section, where you can find the instructional films and the instructions needed to assemble each item.

What are the dimensions of the samples?

The samples of the boards are 300mm x 200mm thickness 18m and are taped to the side. The acrylic samples are 100 mm x 100 mm and are also taped on the side and wrapped in protective film.

How long do I wait for the samples?

Samples are usually sent the day after the order has been placed and paid for.

What's the cost of the samples?

The cost of samples is: Egger plate 7.98 PLN, Egger PerfectSence 20 PLN, Acrylic 4.99 PLN

What is a cutting?

In the cutting section, you can order different size boards cut to your specifications.

Why can't I add a board cut to my shopping basket?

Please enter the name of the cut, so you can add the specifics, then you can add it to your basket.

Why can't I order longer counters?

Worktops above 2,4m can be ordered by ticking the pickup option. Delivery can only be made if the worktop has a maximum length of of 2.4m

What is the longest item to ship?

The longest item we can deliver is 2.4m.

Does the delivery person move the item into my house/ place of work?

The courier company is only responsible for the delivery service.

How can an hourly delivery time slot be arranged?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an order number and you can contact the delivery company quoting this number to arrange the time of delivery.

Why can't I order all the counters?

Some of the worktops are out of stock, if you contact us we can let you know when they will be back in stock and available for you to order.

How do you mount the plinths?

Plinths are mounted to the legs of the cabinets using clips. In the INSTRUCTIONS section there is an instructional video.

How is the cutting done?

In the cutting, we have a list of pieces and we mark which edge is to be veneered. Then we proceed to the cutting. After the cutting is completed payment is taken and your piece can be added to your basket. In the cutting section, we can cut boards of different thicknesses of 3mm, 16mm, 18mm and 36mm. The dimensions of the pieces include the thickness of the veneer, so there is no need to subtract the thickness of the veneer from the dimension of the piece.

Do I have to buy the entire board in the cutting section?

We sell half boards. Orange indicates the half we take and it is not included in the order quote.

How many sides are the plinths, units, blendes and handles veneered?

All are wrapped on 4 sides by default

Why are there shortages in the order?

This is due to the current situation of the shortage of materials e.g. steel needed to produce accessories.

How much smaller is the front compared to the body?

The rule is that the front is always 7 mm shorter and 4 mm narrower compared to the body.

What are the dimensions of the front of the drawers?

In the 2+1 cabinet, the dimensions from the bottom are 284mm, 284mm, 140mm and in the cabinet 2-0, they are 355mm, 355mm.

What company supplies the upper cabinet lifts?

The upper cabinet lifts are always supplied by BLUM

What diameter is the hinged can opening?

The diameter is 35mm.

Do I have to subtract the thickness of the veneer to come out the correct size of the form?

The size of the unit is calculated with the veneer. There is no need to subtract the thickness of the veneer.

How do I order a narrower piece?

Please order an item with the smallest size possible and add an annotation “cut to size” in the order description.

Are the plinths veneered on all four sides?

Yes, the plinths are veneered on all 4 sides.

What's the difference between the racks and wardrobes?

Racks do not have doors.

Can I make changes to my order?

Minor changes can be made, Contact us by e-mail to arrange changes to your order.

Why is payment charged in advance?

The furniture is custom made to every individual order with specific specifications made by the customer. In the event of your change of mind or non collection, the furniture cannot be sold.

Can I make furniture according to my own design?

That's not an option we offer. Only models available in the store can be made.

How long does a complaint take to be processed?

It depends on the complexity of the complaint, but on average within 5 working days.

What do I do if my items have been damaged during delivery?

A damage report should be drawn up in the presence of the delivery driver. Then you should submit the report to us, through the COMPLAINT section, also attach photos of the damage and packaging from the damaged item. After accepting the complaint, we send you the broken parts and deal with the delivery company on our own.

Is there an aluminium and LED strip in the aluminium wreath?

The LED wreath has an aluminium strip with a lampshade, but there is no LED strip and power supply included. These are available separately in the Accessories section.

What are PerfectSence Discs?

These are plates varnished in PG gloss and PM matrices. The plates are resistant to the finger prints, when touched, they do not leave traces of fingers on the surface. We cover the boards with a veneer in the same colour in PU technology, which gives an invisible glue grout.

What height are the furniture bodies?

Standard furniture bodies are 720 mm

Why are delivery costs so high?

We send all orders to be delivered on pallets and have to pay for pallet space on the delivery van. Shipment is carried out on pallets to minimise the risk of damage to your items.

Why don't you send furniture in packages?

Because there is a very high risk of damage during delivery and pallets are a more cost-effective method.

What is the difference between Hafele legs?

Hafele legs carry higher loads of up to 150 kg per leg. We use them, for example, for stone countertops, in posts and wardrobes.

What tools do I need to assemble furniture?

A screwdriver, hammer drill and the assembly instructions.

Is there a mounting strip for hanging cabinets included?

Yes 2 mounting strips are added for each hanging cabinet.

What company do you get your acrylic from?

The company that produces acrylics is Forner.

Are the samples wrapped?

The samples, besides acrylic, are veneered on one side.

Can I order 36mm boards?

Yes through the cutting section.

What does orange mean in the slice section?

Orange indicates the piece of board that is left and we take it, after your order has been cut.

Why can't I see the list of board sizes in the cut section?

We are in the process of completing this.

Why can't I edit pieces in the cut section?

We are in the process of preparing this.

What is the square that comes with the order for?

The square is needed for installation, it fits between the furniture and the wall and stabilises the furniture from falling over.