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At Furniture Custom Design, we specialise in quality, stunning kitchen islands for residential properties.

As an online shop with kitchen units UK, we use modern techniques and equipment, so that our products are stylish, have a lasting, stunning finish and are made to last.

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Why is it worth ordering from our online kitchen units UK shop?

There are many benefits to ordering from an online kitchen units UK store, rather than visiting a physical store. Using an online store, gives you the freedom to take your time when you’re browsing products, and you can shop from the comfort of your own home.
You can browse and look at many different sites to compare products and prices. Many online kitchen islands UK suppliers have a much more diverse range of styles and a wider range of designs compared to physical stores.
Visit our online shop today, Furniture Custom Design - we have a wide range of kitchen cabinets designs.



Choose your furniture, and we will make it in any size, exclusively for you!



Your order will be fulfilled by our furniture company UK at an express pace, even within 14 business days.


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Making your kitchen individual and unique
With kitchen units UK

We all have our own individual likes and dislikes, as well as individual style. No matter where you live: in a block of flats, or a detached house, shopping for the right kitchen units and accessories, will give your home an uniqueness and individuality all of its own.

Shopping online will help you to find quality, uniquely designed kitchen cabinets UK, that you can buy to match your individual style and give your home a unique style all of its own.

Our online shop, Furniture Custom Design has a wide range of distinct styles and designs, waiting for you to discover.

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Quality designed fitted kitchens UK

Kitchen units UK: Quality designed fitted kitchens UK

If you're looking to modernise your existing kitchen, or maybe you want a change, there are advantages to looking online rather than in a regular store for fitted kitchens UK.

Fitted kitchens are available in a large range of diverse styles online. In retail stores there is a limitation to how many kitchens they can display and so they tend to sell mainstream styles that appeal to the majority of buyers.

With our online shop, there aren't limitations for space for showrooms, as images are used. At Furniture Custom Design, we stock many different styles and designs of fitted kitchens UK.


  • Why do some products have different delivery dates than others?

    Production and delivery varies between different types of landlord furniture UK or other items. Some products take longer to make depending on their material availability and the manufacturing process. The size and design of the product are also factors. A larger object with a complex design or maybe engraving will take longer to produce than a much smaller simple piece and therefore longer to deliver. Unique bespoke pieces also take longer to produce and deliver.

  • Is it safe to order online from your website?

    Yes, our website is completely safe and secure for you to use and order from. We use the newest security systems for our site and we are constantly updating them to keep up with new security measures. Our cabinet maker UK security team monitors and regularly checks our safeguards; to make sure there haven't been any breaches.You can trust us to prevent any access to your personal information and financial details.

  • Can I edit my order once it has been placed?

    Yes, of course, but you need to contact us as soon as possible. Once the item has left our warehouse and is on its way to you, we can't recall the delivery and you will have to return the original item back to us, which will inconvenience you. Contact our customer service team and they will help you amend your furniture packages UK order and help you with any other queries you have.

  • Can I see the furniture before buying it?

    Yes, you can. We use 3D visualisation, this involves using software to create digital 3D representations of our products. Our furniture company UK experts produce realistic images for each of the products we supply. The images are extremely life-like and will appear as if it is the actual product. Using these techniques you will be able to view the products you are interested in from all angles and even look at precise measurements!

  • I’m having problems ordering through your website, what can I do?

    Contact our furniture makers UK customer support team, they are available by either, email, or by calling the number found on our help page. They will be able to help you with any issues you may be having. If the issue is internet based, or not able to be resolved at that particular moment in time, you can make your order through a customer service agent, who will be happy to help.

Online Kitchen Units UK - Everything You Need In Quality Unique Furnishings

In response to the growing need for unique quality furniture, reasonably priced. We have established kitchen units UK, different from other stores with kitchen cabinets UK. We have brought together a vast range of different kitchen styles and designs and made them available in many materials and colours. There is something to meet everyone's tastes.

We provide you with kitchen units UK with hundreds of quality products available to browse. Unlike other kitchen islands UK online store-based, everything that you need is available here in one place. There are many different styles on offer for your perusal, many colours and a variety of different designs are available and all of the kitchens is customisable. Our unique kitchens are priced exceedingly low and can be personalised to meet your unique tastes. We guarantee satisfaction.
Visit our shop today, come and see our quality diverse stunning selection of unique kitchens.

Online Kitchen Units UK

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink Your Building Materials

Kitchens are often the most used rooms in a house. After all, when you’re preparing three meals a day, every day, your kitchen is bound to see a lot of traffic. That’s why it’s so important that your kitchen be designed to be hard-wearing, as well as aesthetically pleasing, and- most importantly- sustainable.

When it comes to design, we excel at the sort of custom furniture UK homeowners want. Whether you want a free-standing kitchen island, fitted cabinets, or something entirely unique, we can craft it for you. Our frames utilise high-quality plywood, topped with wood veneers, creating kitchen units that will last, without destroying the environment.

We can give you that hardwood look, without going anywhere near the rainforest. Our top priority when choosing partner companies, is the environmental policy they implement, and their dedication to caring for our planet.

Quality designed fitted kitchens UK