Can white be an interesting colour to use? Find out how to create a bright interior!

Do you associate a white kitchen with boredom? Contrary to popular belief, it is an extremely interesting colour that allows you to go crazy with furnishings and accessories. White kitchen furniture is the perfect base, thanks to which you can use crazy accessories or expressive tiles. A white kitchen also has the very extremely important advantage of being timeless. The universal base allows you to frequently change accessories, thus completely changing the character of your kitchen interior. It is also worth noting that white kitchen furniture is an excellent choice for both spacious and small interiors. Stronger colours can easily overwhelm a small kitchen, while white optically enlarges it. In today's article we'll look at different Ideas for light interiors.

Modern white custom kitchen furniture

Are you wondering if white kitchen furniture suits modern interiors? The answer is emphatically yes! The light base looks great in virtually any style. If you have a small space, you can have fun playing with different textures. How about combining matt and glossy custom kitchen cabinets? This is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve an extremely interesting effect. Another idea is to combine similar shades. White kitchen furniture will go great with soft pastels. Sage-coloured tiles or powder coloured accessories will bring out a whole new dimension of the white furniture. With a modern interior, the combination of bespoke kitchen cabinets with specific materials plays an important role. One of the recommended materials is metal, which gives the room a sense of elegance. Metallic tones go very well with a white base. Often only a few metallic elements are needed, such as, handles and furniture legs. Modernism has many facets, and one of them is playing with contrasts. White custom kitchen furniture is a safe base that you can combine with even the craziest colours. You can add a futuristic touch to the room with neon accessories, while red or black is a reference to retro aesthetics. For strong colour combinations, it is best to use furniture with a glossy finish.

Talking about light Interiors, it is necessary to mention the white kitchen paired with wood ( Wood is a unique material that adds depth and a feeling of cosiness to the interior. In addition, a white kitchen with a wooden worktop can take on a completely different character depending on what shade of material you choose. If you like Scandinavian interiors, then Casina pine or Pasadena pine custom kitchen worktops are the perfect complement. Cool shades of grey go perfectly with white cabinets. Custom wooden kitchen worktops can also become part of a rustic decor. In this style you can afford to combine different shades of wood, but dark tones tend to dominate. Custom made wooden kitchen furniture looks great with a Hunton oak or Sherman oak worktops. A white kitchen with a wooden worktop can also represent the Provençal style. In this case, the ideal choice is a Halifax oak worktop. As you can see, a white base offers an extraordinarily large number of possibilities. The question is, which variant will you choose?